Hi there, I’m Yi

This is Yi Wang, a native Chinese. I was born in Shanghai, and I was educated in China, France and US. Now, I dedicate to spread Chinese to the world. I hope you all can enjoy Chinese lessons online.


This is Yi Wang, and welcome to Yi's Chinese Learning Studio. Why I want to start this online class? When I was doing school in France and US, I felt the passion that people all around the world were eager to know about China and Chinese language.  I asked myself "Why couldn't I teach them Chinese as I am a native speaker?"

Luckily, I met my friend Ari Gershen in US, who is also passionate to learn Chinese. Then I started my online teaching with Ari and eventually, created this online studio. I witnessed his Chinese progress by our online lessons. I felt so proud of him and myself.

International interactions are non-stoppable, don't limit yourself and expand your boundary is a key to unlimited future. Don't hesitate, just join us.

If you want to learn Chinese, please come to Yi's Chinese Learning Studio.



Master's Degree in Business 


2014-2016: China Europe International Business School, Shanghai, China   MBA Degree
2015-2016: Kelley Business School, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, MBA-Exchange
2007-2009: Ecole de Commerce de Rennes, Rennes, France, Msc of International Marketing
2003-2007: Donghua University, Shanghai, China, Business Bachelor Degree

Chinese teaching on YouTube and ZOOM.


English teacher in Learning education, Shanghai, China



  • English

  • Mandarin (Chinese)

  • Shanghainese (Chinese dialect)